Blade Balancing + Leveling

It is impossible to eliminate wobble altogether and should not be considered a fault.

All ceiling fan blades are weighed and grouped by weight. Do not mix blades supplied with a fan with another fan. Do not use blades from another style/make of fan.

Sometime the fan blades are contributing to or causing fan wobble.

Firstly – check that all screws/bolts holding the blades onto the fan are firmly tightened, there should be no movement where the blade is attached to the motor.

Visually inspect the blades, are any bent or mishapen? Are any significantly scipped or dinted? As blades are grouped as a “set” for a particular fan – any one damaged blade will contribute to wobble.

Check that the blades are all level. With the fan turned off, measure from the tip of each blade to the ceiling. Significant variation to these measurements could be as a result of an unevenly installed fan, or a bent or mishapened blade.

Measuring the distance from the blade tip to the ceiling.

To check for mishapened blades, where it is not obvious, the blades can be removed from the fan and stacked on a flat leve surface for visual inspection.

Interchanging “opposite” blades may also assist in balancing the fan.

A balancing kit may be required to balance the ceiling fan at some stage if it becomes unbalanced over time. Please refer to the instructions contained with the balancing kit for details of how to use.