Guarantee Terms + Conditions

NOTE: All ceiling fans must be installed by a licensed electrician, in accordance with the wiring rules and installation instructions.

All swiftFANS are covered by a 2 year replacement guarantee. In the unlikely event that a swiftFAN fan is faulty or fails within 2 years of purchase, please return it with proof of purchase to the place where you purchased it and it will be replaced at no charge with the current model of this fan.


Installation by a licensed electrician is required by law. The installation by anyone other than a licensed electrician will void the guarantee on the fan and/or associated accessories.

Damage caused by incorrect installation is not covered under the guarantee. Guarantee replacement does not cover damage resulting from electrical surges, lightning, power grid voltage fluctuations or connection to alternative power supplies (eg solar inverters or similar systems). Damage caused by rough handling during installation (scratches, chips etc) is not covered under the replacement guarantee.

This ceiling fan is not suited to wet locations, and any damage or deterioration as a result of exposure to water or caustic chemicals is not eligible for repair or replacement.

This fan is not covered by any in-home warranty. Removal and return to the place of purchase shall be borne by the purchaser.


The ceiling fan is supplied with a matched set of blades. Blade sets should not be mixed or exchanged between fans, unless as a complete set. The use of blade sets of another size or shape than those supplied will void warranty, and may increase the risk of fan failure or fire. Balancing of the blades may be required at installation and the need to balance is not the basis for replacement under the guarantee.


The ceiling fan is supplied with a wall control, which is designed for use with this fan. The components of this wall control can be inserted into most popular wall plate hardware. The use of substitute controllers, other than those approved by swift FANS, are not recommended and will void guarantee. The use of solid state controllers, including dimmer type controllers, will void guarantee.


There are remote control kits available for swiftFANS. These kits are supplied with appropriate connector plugs and are easily installed by a qualified electrician. Any remote control used with this fan is covered by the replacement guarantee.


Extension down-rods are available for use with swift FANS. Only approved accessories should be used.